Friday, January 4, 2013

Saving gas right now!

Gasoline is an energy that a staple for us all, especially the users of either vehicle is a car, bike and others.

These tips seem very trivial and rarely a concern, but if we want to respond and conduct an ongoing basis would be very much the impact of the gas consumption of your car. Whatever the type of engine your car either using the premium / gasoline and diesel  these tips can be done for all types of cars.

Means of transport both automobiles and motorcycles need to make transportation gas continues to run every day. However, the discrepancy occurs because the flow of vehicles and tools that facilitate their nets man can not be offset by the availability of gas oil for one day, when the use of fossil gass continue to be encouraged, then the lack or scarcity of gas can not be avoided anymore.

For that, it needs the attitude and some of the actions that prevent / slow the gas so as not to run out quickly and make gas-efficient in our vehicles and are not easily depleted. Here are 9 ways to save gas on the car are:

Keep your car clean interior certainly can lose objects or debris during this adds to the weight of the vehicle. The more light vehicles, the light engine works, the more gas efficient.

Check the tires, tires that are less wind can waste up to 3 percent gas than increase the risk of eruption.

Use air conditioning as needed, use air conditioners course requires additional gas consumption, so it is wise to use it. Windshield better because the glass is always open when closed will cause extra drag.

Turn off the engine when traffic jams and red lights, In addition to saving gas, this step also reduces air pollution we breathe.
Focus on the road, if we can always anticipate the road ahead, we can reduce sudden braking or throttle a waste of energy and gas.

Plan a route, a route that will definitely Know we've been through, including avoiding congestion or physical projects that use the road.

Note shift gears, change gears or gear Currently when RPM reaches 2,500 (gasoline engine) and 2,000 (diesel engine) in order to avoid unnecessary use of gas.

Think about aerodynamics, Roof rack more often just be a sweetener for a vehicle, but in order to conserve gas, should be lowered to reduce air resistance while the vehicle is moving.
Only for long distances, the vehicle engine turns the most wasteful of gas and pollute the air when the heating stage. So, why should you use it for a short distance.

By utilizing the 9 ways to save gas is  hopefully we are all concerned with natural resources, save energy save gas and save wallet.